Project: Motion Graphics
The Informed SLP

Bringing a Character to Life

When I saw the illustrations used by The Informed SLP, I couldn’t wait to animate their characters! The linework and charm of the designs called out to move from facial expression to facial expression as the main character gets overwhelmed by the articles popping up on their computer screen.

The Informed SLP team provided the graphics, helpfully separated into different elements (eyes, fingers, head, etc.) for me to rig in After Effects.

Character image assets
Machine image assets

I spent 7 years in animation studios, animating characters as diverse as M&Ms, lizard people, anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables… and I miss practicing the ability to portray emotion through an animated character.

I am incredibly pleased with the results here. Using just the right timing, just the right amount of frames to let this character show curiosity, concern, fear, and ultimately, joy–I look forward to any future projects that offer the opportunity to bring a character to life.