Project: Software/Platform Demo

Putting On A Little Play

BeFunky offers its users a wide wide wide range of tools to create their own custom graphic design, and edit their photos. The tools are easy to use, but for someone jumping in from the beginning it can be overwhelming.

I was asked to provide a series of videos that would coverĀ the entire site.

What I really loved about this job was using Telestream’s Screen Flow to capture the user experience. To me, it’s almost like putting on a little play:

  • There’s the script (provided by the BeFunky team in this case) that says “Do this, click here, drag this item to the left,” etc., etc.
  • Then there’s the set design, which in this context means making sure the web browser is the right size, has the right page loaded, and all of the right assets preloaded.
  • Then the rehearsal, in which I go through each step of the script to be sure I know where all of the buttons, graphics, and assets are located.
  • Finally, the performance: recording myself doing all of the actions called for in the script, one after another, in one take.

Once the screen recording is done, there is still some editing and final polishing touches to add, but I can’t even describe the thrill I get from recording a screen capture this way. I always looked forward to the next one and the next one.