Project: Motion Graphics
EMS Gives Life

Dispelling Myths

Every now and then, I am asked to create a series of videos instead of just a single deliverable. I love working on multiple videos in the same series because it gives me the opportunity to explore different ideas within the same visual universe.

For EMS Gives Life, the goal was to correct some incorrect impressions people have about kidney donorship. Whether people think that it’s too expensive, or could be a health risk, or that the right person won’t get their kidney, these videos needed to say “You can donate a kidney, and it’s much easier than you think!”

Frames from EMS Gives Life video series
Frames from EMS Gives Life video series

This project also fed my enthusiasm for explaining concepts as clearly and efficiently as possible. Using graphics, with as few words as possible, we wanted to make sure each video’s message would be received by as many people as possible.