Project: Software/Platform Demo

Ready to Rock

Quentn already has a strong presence in Germany, where their platform originated. They found me as they were looking to get into English-speaking markets, knowing that this would mean re-creating all of their videos in English. (It couldn’t just be voiceover, since the previous videos showed the German interface of the platform)

The most fun thing about this job, however, is that the Quentn team wanted to make sure their use-case wasn’t just some boring business example, as can be typical in these kinds of videos. They asked if I had any ideas that would be a little more unexpected. During our zoom call I noticed that one of the Quentn producers had an electric guitar in the background. So I said, “How about a music store?”

Music Store

That was all it took to get them excited about creating assets, templates, and concepts around the idea. We based the video on an e-mail campaign for a Rocktober sale. (They were completely amused by the idea of “Rocktober,” which isn’t pun that works in German)

I love when a client wants to break outside of the corporate box a little and see how we can get an audience’s attention just by being the slightest bit unusual.