Project: Software/Platform Demo

Getting Graphic

I love the team at BeFunky, and I also love their app!

This is going to sound like an ad (I promise, it’s not), but I love how they’ve designed a user interface that feels simple, but offers some pretty sophisticated tools to anyone who wants to edit photos or create their own graphic design work.

When BeFunky put their app online in the App Store, they needed a video that could quickly showcase a wide range of its tools. But with a time limit of 30 seconds, we knew that every frame had to be used to its greatest potential. Nothing could be on screen longer than it needed to be; but it also couldn’t disappear before it had resonated with the viewer’s attention.

Frames from BeFunky's iPhone App Preview

Animation is very often about the details. Getting the most communication possible out of 1/30th of a second requires patience, which is a quality I find in just about every animator I’ve ever met.

Plus, I was super psyched to have found this audio track, which perfectly underscores the fun and creative spirit that BeFunky is all about.